Gym Gloves

For Weightlifting, Cross-fit, Fitness & Other Sports with Wrist wrap Support for Men & Women

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Features & Benefits

Gym Gloves are used to provide maximum protection to your palms and support during workout.They are designed to prevent the blisters and calluses that can often result from repeatedly grabbing and gripping certain exercise equipment.

Workout gloves can be significantly beneficial to weight lifting, allowing a better bar grip, reduced friction, and an overall greater confidence as you pump iron and build those impeccable hard muscles.

Made of reinforced leather, these gym gloves are available in several sizes to accommodate all hand sizes. They are finger-less, and thus provide the user with superior flexibility during workouts.

The gloves are stylish, but more importantly, they enhance the lifting experience tremendously, allowing the wearer to get a great grip on the bar every single time.

They are very durable. They also come with a wrist support.

Customer Reviews

Good Quality Gloves with a good padding and fit. "Fashnex just kept up with my expectations and I would recommend these gloves to anyone who is looking for a good quality gloves at a budget."
Top Reviewer
"I am impressed by the quality of these gloves. They are very snug and grip is very good. Love the padding on the palm area that make it perfect for gym and weight lifting. The strap is very snug giving a tight grip and protect your wrists too. I am totally satisfied."
Sinchen Dey
Top Reviewer
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